Monday, January 20, 2014

Cort & Josh

From corbin Fisher:
Guitar-strumming Cort hasn't been here since last summer. But we're sure glad he's back, because now he's going to have his first guy/guy experience with Josh! 
As Josh tells Cort, he's used to breaking guys in around CF. And who wouldn't want to be broken in by Josh? That delicious bubble butt, those eyes and that tight body! 
Cort and Josh kiss. Cort eagerly bites Josh's nipple and looks ecstatic as Josh kisses up and down Cort's torso. Josh pulls Cort's pants off and sucks his dick. Cort's cock stiffens in Josh's mouth. Cort has a great body and his tan line emphasizes his awesome dick and ass as well. 
Josh sucks and strokes, as well as sucks Cort's nuts. He deepthroats Cort's cock. Pushing Cort's legs up, Josh rims Cort deeply. Cort strokes his dick as Josh shoves his tongue into Cort's ass. 

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