Thursday, March 6, 2014

William & Curtis

Sean Cody wrote:

Both William and Curtis are from the deep south, so they had a lot in common right from the start.
They had fun trying to see who could put the most "twang" into their accents. It is always good when the guys can start out laughing!
"I have a confession to make," William said as we were settling in. "This is not my first time with a guy."
"Yeah?" I asked, not really surprised.
"Yeah," he went on. "When I was in the Marines my buddy and I got drunk. I let him blow me."
"Yeah, and then I fucked him."
Curtis laughed. "Well this should be fun then!" he said.
"This guy sucks a mean cock," I said to William while pointing at Curtis. "It will be interesting to see how he stacks up."
"I think it's going to be better," Curtis said with a shy smile. "I know how I like to have my cock sucked. So I know what to do..."

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Sean Cody wrote:
Maxwell works a regular 9-to-5 job at a financial firm.
"It's OK," he told us. "The hard part is having to be cooped up indoors."
"You are not an indoors type of person?"
"God, no," he said. "I'd much rather be doing something outside. I like the sun. I like to get sweaty."
"What is your favorite thing to do?"
"Rock climbing," he replied. "For sure."
"Isn't that kind of dangerous?"
"Not if you know what you're doing!"
"So let me get this straight," I said. "You take off your suit and tie, put on a pair of skimpy shorts, and head out to climb on rocks?"

Well, he's certainly got the body for it... nice big legs, muscular, and smooth.
We were even able to squeeze in some rock climbing time while he was here. He is pretty good at it!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Aaron Janes

From EnglishLads:

Aaron has been away training for a year or so and during that time you can see many differences in his body; he was an eighteen year old cute boy when he first modelled, today he is a twenty year old cute young man! Just a subtle change, but he is slightly more muscular, a little more cocky from far too much success with the girls, but still the same adorable young man who knows how to flirt with the camera and tease us all to the edge of distraction! I for one enjoy being teased by Aaron, he is such a flirt with the camera, looks as good in his clothes as out of them, perhaps a slight preference for the latter, since his uncut cock is quite a treat! Today he shows off the whole physique just perfectly, leaving nothing in the dark, he does have such a cute slightly hairy hole! After a teasy work out he dumps an impressive load on his abs.

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