Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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Dane, Grayson & Jarek: Bareback

Sean Cody wrote:
Dane was giggling a little bit and he had a big smile on his face.
"What's going on?" I asked, although I already knew.
Jarek had Grayson's ass up in the air, and he was just about to go in.
"I'm just taking it all in," Dane said. "This is completely new to me!"
But for a newbie who has just been thrown into the deep end of the pool, he was remarkably cool about everything!
When his turn came to fuck Grayson, he just went right on in. He even gave Grayson a little advice on how to arch his back!
Of course, Grayson was absolutely LOVING the fact that he was getting pounding, in turn, by two hot, muscular studs.
And Jarek was was a good coach for Dane, telling him things like, "Fuck him hard, that's right... just like I did," and "grab his hips!"
The guys were very, very competitive! Dane and Jarek wanted to see who could fuck the best, and Grayson was happy to take it!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Guy of the Month - Tomas Zeman



From Sean Cody:
"You're taught never to masturbate," Micah explained about his upbringing. He was reared in a large, religious family. "That's why all those families have so many kids," he continued. "Because once they start fucking... they just can't stop!"
I knew I was going to like this guy. He's at a point in his life where he's breaking out and having fun, and he has a really great sense of humor about it.
"Where I come from... it's not appropriate to watch porn... never mind gay porn," he said. "But here I am. I love this place!"
In addition to be being a very fun, laid-back guy, Micah is also extremely horny.
"It doesn't matter how much sex I have or how much I jerk off," he told us. "I'm horny again fifteen minutes later."
Micah is part Hawaiian. "I have a tan even in the winter," he said. So the sun and water here made him even happier!
As for his sexuality... "I'm open," he said.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Guy of the Month - Tomas Zeman

Jackson & Trent

From Fratmen SUCKS:

It looks like Trent scores again with another workout buddy. Jackson is back in town, and he's ready for some heavy lifting.
Fratmen Trent is truly in his element in our private weight room. He is able to lift, sometimes fully nude, and work his muscles until he is covered in a sheen of sweat. Fratmen Jackson has surfaced again in Cyberspace, and he joins Trent for what is certain to be a hot session of lifting, and sucking cock. After Trent and Jackson break a sweat, they head for a refreshing, cooling outdoor shower. Things only heat up as our boy's cocks start to swell. Jackson and Trent can't resist, and start blowing each other. Jackson goes down on the hammerhead, but not before Trent tries his uncut cock. Yearning for more comfortable setting, these jocks move to the bed where they indulge fully and cum together.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Miguel Armando

From Randy Blue:
Miguel Armando has the most amazing body. Mostly smooth with just a hint of a treasure trail splitting his perfectly chiseled six pack abs and nice firm pecks. Tall, lean with just the right musculature to be the hot athletic jock of your dreams. His cock is huge and he works it, running his one hand up the shaft while his other hand fondles his nice thick balls. He flips around and shows you his hot bubble butt, running his hands over the beautiful round globes, inviting you to take a closer look. Then he flips back and starts earnestly working his cock until he shoots a massive load that dribbles down the side of his cock making for a stunning cumshot.

Reed & Sloan

From Corbin Fisher:

When we first met Reed way back in January of last year, I was stunned by his good looks, his rocking body and his all-around great personality. I tried my best at the time to convince him to do some guy/guy stuff, but he wasn't into it. 
Patience is a virtue, though! He hooked back up with us a few months ago, and I was excited to have another crack at changing his mind. Lucky for us, he wanted to try something new and see if he would like it.
Reed's body has only gotten more powerful and muscular since last year. Bodybuilder bottom Sloan is the perfect guy to break Reed in. Boy, is he!

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