Friday, December 13, 2013

Myles & Curtis

Sean Cody wrote:
"I love how big my dick looks in his hands," Curtis said, laughing.
He had just gotten a nice, sensual blow job from Myles, who was surprisingly good for a newbie.
"It looked like you were enjoying yourself," I said. "He's got huge lips!"
"I know," Curtis replied with an air of fascination. "I think that's what it is... feels amazing!"
Myles was also very fascinated.
"He's so hot!" he said, wide eyed, nodding toward Curtis. "It was a challenge getting my mouth around his dick. It's so big!"
But the fun was just starting.
"Are you ready to fuck him?" I asked. I knew he was because Myles' dick was at full mast!
"I can't wait!" he said.
Of course, Curtis was waiting for him with his ass ready.
Myles slid his dick in and Curtis went to "bottom heaven!"
"It takes a man to actually take it in the ass that hard!" I commented, afterward, as Myles and Curtis were showering together.
Curtis laughed. "Yeah, but it felt great! He's really good!"

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