Saturday, December 14, 2013


Sean Cody wrote:
Ricky is a collegiate-level wrestler. He's kind of a small guy, and wouldn't have guessed it.
"You must be in a low weight class!" I said.
He laughed. "Yeah, I am... I wrestle other small guys!"
"Now I seem to remember," I said, "when I was in school... and they had a wrestling match... a lot of the guys weighed in naked."
"Yep!" he said.
"They didn't want to add any extra weight at all..."
"Yeah," he explained. "Even a little weight can bump you into a higher class."
"So do you weigh in naked?"
"Does that embarrass you at all?"
"No, I like being naked. Doesn't bother me all."
Ricky is definitely a free spirit. He describes himself as kind of a "hippie."
He has a small but lean frame. When the underwear came off I noticed he has one of the wildest bushes I've seen in a while!

"Yeah," he said (he must have caught me staring). "I don't like to trim!"

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